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CLOC Quality Checklist

Written by Lori Grossman


Posted on March 22 2021

Quality is Key

When it comes to consigning items in your closet, one of the best rules of thumb to keep in mind is, “is this in good enough condition that I would consider buying it myself?”. Ask yourself that question when cleaning out your closet. 

Use this checklist to ensure you are meeting all the necessary criteria for consigning your items: 

  • Ever seen the acronym BNWT? Well, that is something that is brand new with tags and music to our ears! You thought it was a good idea at the time but you just never wore it...we’ll help you recoup something on your investment.  
  • Has it been lightly worn or worn through? We’re looking for lightly worn pieces and don’t want your old jeans that are worn through the thighs!
  • Is it free from stains and smells? Give your items a proper once-over. Make-up around the collar, coffee stains down the front? No thanks! And don’t forget to smell under the arms too! 
  • Are there any holes/pulls/runs/scuffs? Check the seams of your clothes, the soles of your shoes and all the hardware on your handbags. 
  • Is it on trend? Think about if your item(s) are still relevant, wearable and conforms to current fashion. 
  • Is it a classic? Is it the gift that keeps on giving? The consummate staple can make up the basis of a capsule piece in any wardrobe. 
  • Are you sitting on a sought after gem? Is it something that was limited edition, a designer collaboration or a past season “must have”? It could be worth something! 

While not everything will be of the quality required to consign it, that doesn’t mean you can’t donate it and still breathe more life into your items, instead of having them end up in a landfill. 

Still unsure of what CLOC will and won’t consider consigning? Get in touch at and one of our CLOC-stars can set up a virtual closet consultation and help provide more guidance.