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Tips For Being the Consummate Consignor

Written by Lori Grossman


Posted on March 22 2021

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love contemporary and designer fashion? Do you have a closet full of stuff that you haven’t worn in ages? You could be sitting on a goldmine! 

Consigning items from your closet not only allows for a great purge but could get you some return on those investment pieces. Want to be the consummate consignor and find ways to earn more on pristine pieces? 

Here are our tips for becoming the dream consignor: 

  • Don’t take the store tags off your stuff until you know for certain you are going to walk out that door wearing it. Items that are BNWT (brand new with tags), are sought after and earn you more when consigning. 

  • Authenticity is everything. Bags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses all come with authenticity cards. These are a must in order to help authenticate items you want to consign, therefore, hold on to them. 

  • Keep the receipt. If we know when something was bought and how much it cost at regular retail price, we will better be able to value it at its optimum selling price for consignment. 

  • Don’t cut out material and size tags. To most, the material tags seem innocuous. To us, it can be a treasure trove of information. If we know something is 100% cashmere/silk/wool vs.100% polyester/rayon/viscose, you’ll get more for it! That simple. If you have to cut it out, save it!

  • Have dust bags? Use them! In order to preserve the condition of your shoes/handbags/accessories, keep them in the dust bags. Dust can settle into the creases of your shoes and the seams of your bags, so prevent them from premature aging and unnecessary looking wear and tear. Bonus points for keeping the box...buyers love the whole unboxing experience, even if it’s secondhand! Besides, the box and dustbag add another layer of authenticity to your items which is paramount when consigning. 

  • Catch stains right away and don’t let them linger. Unless you know unequivocally that you can get a stain out, dry clean your garments. While dry cleaning too often can be a bit harsh on clothing, the odd dry cleaning session will help keep them in tip top condition and free of any long lasting stains. 

Stick to these tips and you will be consigning like a pro in no time! 

For any additional information or help with consigning your items, please get in touch at and someone will support you through our consigning process.