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Why Shop Resale?

Written by Jenny Aaron


Posted on May 03 2021

Maybe you grew up thrifting, “acquiring” sought after pieces from older siblings, trading clothes with friends, or maybe you’ve never even worn something secondhand.  Regardless of your history with secondhand shopping there is no question that resale is the future of retail. In fact, in 2019 the clothing resale sector grew 25x faster than the broader retail sector*.  

And the scale of stock is truly enormous.  According to Max Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective “There is somewhere between half a trillion and a trillion dollars’ worth of luxury goods in people’s closets, and probably half of it is unworn.” The trick is not only getting out from individual closets and onto resale sites and into stores where people can access it all, but also continuing to open people’s awareness into what buying resale can offer.  

Still not convinced you should be buying resale?  Here are some our favourite reasons

  1. You can find must-have and hard to find pieces
  2. It’s friendlier on your wallet
  3. It gives a new life to previously loved items
  4. It reduced the resources needed from the plant 
  5. You can find coveted items that you missed out on when they were first released
So before you head back to your same out shopping locales, why not consider resale? Because here at CLOC, we definitely think new to you is just as good as new.

*ThredUP Resale Report 2020