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And we're CLOC-ing out.....for now

Timing is everything. We are so grateful for all our consignors, customers, followers, friends and family who have supported our journey with CLOC – from a concept initiated prior to a global pandemic through to our incredibly successful pop-up at stackt market this fall – we truly could not have done it without you. 

 But as with all of us, the last two years have changed our lives in profound ways.  And unfortunately, we’ve had to accept that making a long-term commitment to creating the type of physical space that CLOC deserves isn’t the right choice for us at the moment.

So as we think on how to better bridge the gap between sustainability and fashion, because we truly do believe that resale IS the new black, we’re going to CLOC-out, for now. We’ll keep you posted on where we take things next, but for now, a sincere (and stylish) thank you xo Jenny & Lori