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Closed Loop, Open Closet.

CLOC is a Toronto-based, contemporary consignment experience, curating collections of women’s pre-loved pieces that allow you to stay fashion-forward and future-minded. 

We collect must-haves and hard-to-find pieces and bring them to you in a sustainable fashion. A shopping experience that’s good for your closet and the common good.

We’re an online boutique where like-minded trendsetters can upsell their clothing and accessories, ensuring every investment piece has lasting value. By consigning your clothes, you’re doing your part to close the loop and promote a circular retail economy. Simply CLOC It and make money while making a difference. 

Check out our CLOC-worthy pieces here.

Resale is the New Black

CLOC is an online atelier for pieces that withstand the test of time, consciously curated for accessibility and sustainability. Because you know what doesn’t wear well. Waste. Our current fast fashion industry creates a tremendous amount of it; from CO2 and wastewater to landfill contributions. CLOC is our way of doing better, while looking better.


You could say fashion is in our blood. Meet Jenny Aaron and Lori Grossman, CLOC founders and fashion obsessors. With over 15 years of industry experience, both in fashion and advertising, we’re passionate about both the materials and the message. CLOC is our culminating collection of industry knowledge, passion, taste and pursuit in building a brand that we believe in. With a focus on curating must-haves and hard-to-find pieces, we’re working to close the loop on fast fashion, one closet at a time.